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    octobre 29, 2018
    safari in tanzania

    Hello guys!! If you are following my Instagram, you should be aware we traveled to Tanzania for our honeymoon. Exploring the African savannah like National Geographic reporters and seeing African animals having a happy life in the wild was a real dream coming true! We have spent 5 days on a safari in amazing parks; all of them have their own charm however my favorites were the Ngorongoro crater and Serengeti. One detail though: the way was quite tiring, since roads are mainly made of soil, stones and holes! I don’t recommend going if you have some back problems or you can get directly to Serengeti by plane if you can afford it! I also advice you to sleep directly inside the parks to gain time and enjoy fully the experience 🙂 Here is a summary about our route illustrated with some pictures.

    Manyara lake

    The first park we visited was the Manyara lake. You first enter into some woods where you can see many monkeys on the road, you can cross as well elephants, giraffes, lions and when you arrive to the central area of the park there is a big lake with a great variety of birds and you can see many hippopotamus. This park is nice but if I come back I would rather skip this park and spend one more day in the Serengeti park… you will understand why!

    Ngorongoro crater 

    This place is really crazy, Magical!! First of all you have to cross a mountain forest full of fog and then you discover the world’s largest inactive, intact and unfilled volcanic caldera. The crater, which formed when a large volcano exploded and collapsed on itself two to three million years ago, is 610 meters deep and its floor covers 260 square kilometers. The landscapes with these flats clouds are breathtaking and there is a huge density of life inside the crater. We saw many antelopes, gnus, pumbas (warthogs), zebras and lions!! We took out lunch at a lake totally inhabited by hippos and with eagles turning around us to steal our lunch! It was an extraordinary day.Ngorongoro craterNgorongoro crater


    My favorite park ever!!! Why? For its incredible landscapes never ending, the beautiful light, and the amazing quantity of felines!! In just 2 days we saw 2 cheetahs, 3 leopards and I cannot count how many lions!! I highly recommend sleeping in the kati kati tented camp. It is quite a very small camp of 8 big tents that have their own bathroom and toilet inside. The water is warmed thanks to solar energy and we enjoyed so much watching the sunsets and having a nice chat around the fire before the dinner. The nights are really amazing, the sky is so clear and pure, full of stars and we could hear some lions from our bed. Very cool experience!Serengeti leopard

    Serengeti safari

    Kati Kati tented camp


    This park was really beautiful because it is the only place where you can see so many baobabs and elephants! Our lodge the Burunge tented camp was totally amazing, we slept as well in a tent but it was set up on pilot to better enjoy the view and life around the lake next to the Lodge. It also has a nice pool with the view overtaking the lake.

    Tarangire safariTarangire baobab

    About the safari outfit I recommend to dress comfy. You spend all your day in a car, eat a lot of dust due to « quality » of the road that will shake your booty and back all the way (they call it the African massage ahahaha). I was dressed generally with camel colors to match with the environment and your clothes never look dirty, long pants to protect myself from the mosquitos and tsetse flies and a foulard to breath dust free.;) Don’t forget your binoculars and camera with the longest zoom possible since in Tanzania it is not allowed to drive off piste to see closer the animals.safari outfitsafari look

    I hope this will help you if you plan to have a safari in Tanzania. Bisous, Melissa ♡


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