Black & White

    février 4, 2017
    leather legging

    Lately something totally crazy and unbelievable happened in the place where I live: it has been raining a lot and we even had some snow! Ok you think that I am exaggerating I guess, but you have to know that when it rains in the Costa Blanca or in the Costa Calida, children are allowed not to go to school! Also with the rain, my team lunch outside and some dinners with friends got suddenly cancelled, the home delivery service of the restaurants are not operative and my yoga teacher congratulated and applauded me for coming to the class saying I deserve a medal! ahahah

    With the rain, the arid landscape suddenly changed of color to turn into a phosphorescent Irish green! Yes I promise these pictures have no filter! I really like the contrast of the colors between this no-colored outfit and the unreal green landscape. I think black and white outfits are always cool and suit everybody. That day was not really cold to wear a coat so I just did the « onion trick » which consists in adding multiple layers of back and white tops to keep warm. I am also having on a sexy and black leather legging with new Nikes that I call my « mermaid shoes » because they have a little glitter touch at the back. This look is quite casual but you can rock at night if you change the Nike snickers for some black pumps… and remove one of the onion layer 🙂 Bisous, Melissa ♡

    thumb_DSC_0166_1024 2thumb_DSC_0121_1024

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    Sweater – Pull & Bear

    Leather legging – Calzedonia

    Bag – Stradivarius

    Snikers – Nike



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