mars 19, 2017
    over the knee boots outfit

    How to wear over the knee heeled boots without looking like a prostitute? That is the question of the day I am trying to answer to with this new outfit. I could not resist to these sexy but comfy over the knee boots that were looking at me saying « buy me, buy me and I will spice up your winter looks! ». Okay girls come home! After wondering and testing how could I wear them without looking vulgar and see cars stopping in the street to ask for my price… I think these kind of boots can match very good with an oversized sweater dress that you can see on this shooting or on a black slim with an oversized sweater or shirt. I already wore today’s look at work without chocking anyone so I guess the mission is accomplished 🙂 Bisous, Melissa ♡

    Over the knee boots – Zara

    Dress – Stradivarius

    Bag – Minelli


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