Defend Our Oceans

    août 9, 2019
    protect our oceans

    The oceans are vital to human health as well, enjoyment and food to billions of people. Half of the oxygen we breathe is generated by our oceans.

    Climate change, plastics, deep sea mining and destructive fishing are hurting our blue planet… But it doesn’t have to be this way!


    Join the Fight to Defend Our Oceans

    Plastic Pollution

    Plastic Pollution is actually turning our oceans into a plastic soup, clog the stomachs of sea creatures and is even ending up in the seafood on our plates. Did you know there is a massive island of floating plastic (the Great Pacific Garbage Patch GPGP ) between Hawaii and California growing rapidly and is now three times the size of France?

    Preventing plastic pollution

    We can all take individual small actions on a daily basis to help solve this problem such as use reusable water bottles, coffee mugs, and bags or avoid items wrapped in excess plastic.

    You can join the Greenpeace campaign asking the biggest companies to act to reduce their plastic footprint – and stop producing plastic packaging that is designed to be used once then thrown away. Over 90% of plastics are not recycled!


    Unsustainable industrial fishing and deep sea mining

    Unsustainable industrial fishing and deep sea mining are destroying habitats and endangering countless species. The ocean is full of untamed magic and we know only explored 0.0001% of the deep sea floor! Did you know the deep sea mining industry wants to tear up the seabed to get minerals for tech products like our smartphones?

    Preserving biodiversity

    We can protect the oceans through a network of sanctuaries to preserve biodiversity. Globally, less than 2% of the ocean is under protection. Actually Greenpeace is having a campaign to establish ocean sanctuaries in 30% of the world’s oceans by 2030.  You can join the fight to defend our oceans hereAdd your name to help cover our planet in ocean sanctuaries, and call on governments to agree a strong Global Ocean Treaty at the UN.


    Take action, “Every drop in the ocean counts” Yoko One

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