Winter flowers

    mars 15, 2018

    Just because it is winter and the sky is grey, it doesn’t mean that we have to dress always in dark colors right? During this season a colorful outfit really brings me some happiness! And this blooming jumper is all I needed to remind me that spring is really coming soon:) Yessssss I can’t wait to see flowers everywhere and eat some Easter chocolates like if it was the last day of my life  ahahaha! By the way the time change in Europe will occur this Sunday 25th of March so we will wake up 1 hour earlier! As you may know the European Parliament adopted in February a resolution to end the change of time, for all countries of the European Union. So the time would be based on the UTC / GMT +1 zone, which is the winter timetable. However this law is not going to be applied yet because all the 28 EU member states have to be convinced first. Do you really think that the end of the time change is really useful? Honestly WTF, don’t they have matters more important to solve in the European commission?? Do you think this change will have an impact on energy consumption? Perhaps the real matter about energy is how to generate sufficient energy to meet people’s needs without destroying the planet? If you think I should present myself for the planet presidency press 1 ;)If you think I should shut up and speak only about fashion and flowers press 2! Bisous, Melissa ♡


    Jumper and overall – Pull & Bear

    Boots – Bershka

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