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One-piece swimsuit

May 31, 2016

The one-piece swimsuit is back this summer! Personally the time I used to wear a monokini dates from my childhood and until recently; I used to think that this kind of swimming-suit was for children, to practice sport or for grandmas! But actually you can find so many one-piece swimsuits that have a very cool and sexy design that it has become an irresistible item to go to the beach. So I felt like to change from the usual mini bikini and embrace a new model that can also be sensual and totally crushed on this swimsuit from Oysho! I have to confess that one of the reason why I like it is that it is slightly padded so there is no way all the beach can see my tits after a bath! After re-experimenting the strange feeling to put on my childhood swimming-suit, I think it is stylish but not always practical to wear it! In fact, it can be worn by everybody but should be not being worn in all circumstances. To have style and avoid uncomfortable situations, here are the best and the worst about the one-piece swimsuit!

The Best:

  • Perfect to hide a scar or love handle so we can go for an additional mojito on the beach
  • To swim like a real mermaid through the waves without loosing your swimming suit and shocking the children
  • You are saving money since you need to put less solar cream

The Worst:

  • When you wear it under your clothes and need to go to the toilet…
  • To suntan unless you wan to win the trophy for having the dumbest suntan in your camping!
  • If you do not want to look like Paris Hilton, avoid the trikini or bring your chihuahua to the beach with you!

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One-piece swimsuit – Oysho

Floppy hat – American apparel

Sunglasses – Feler


So; Yeah or Neah to the one piece swimsuit? Bisous, Melissa ♡