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February 4, 2017
leather legging

Lately something totally crazy and unbelievable happened in the place where I live: it has been raining a lot and we even had some snow! Ok you think that I am exaggerating I guess, but you have to know that when it rains in the Costa Blanca or in the Costa Calida, children are allowed not to go to school! Also with the rain, my team lunch outside and some dinners with friends got suddenly cancelled, the home delivery service of the restaurants are not operative and my yoga teacher congratulated and applauded me for coming to the class saying I deserve a medal! ahahah

With the rain, the arid landscape suddenly changed of color to turn into a phosphorescent Irish green! Yes I promise these pictures have no filter! I really like the contrast of the colors between this no-colored outfit and the unreal green landscape. I think black and white outfits are always cool and suit everybody. That day was not really cold to wear a coat so I just did the “onion trick” which consists in adding multiple layers of back and white tops to keep warm. I am also having on a sexy and black leather legging with new Nikes that I call my “mermaid shoes” because they have a little glitter touch at the back. This look is quite casual but you can rock at night if you change the Nike snickers for some black pumps… and remove one of the onion layer 🙂 Bisous, Melissa ♡

thumb_DSC_0166_1024 2thumb_DSC_0121_1024

thumb_DSC_0618_1024thumb_DSC_0167_1024 2thumb_DSC_0193_1024thumb_DSC_0206_1024thumb_DSC_0660_1024thumb_DSC_0225_1024thumb_DSC_0367_1024thumb_DSC_0421_1024thumb_DSC_0399_1024

Sweater – Pull & Bear

Leather legging – Calzedonia

Bag – Stradivarius

Snikers – Nike




It’s getting cold outside, put your faux fur on!

January 22, 2017

Hey guys! I hope you had a great beginning of the year! I have not been posting for a while because I needed to do a little “digital detox” during my christmas vacations to fully enjoy my time with my family. We also just moved to a new flat and have been quite busy with our installation. I am really happy to come back and present you my first outfit of the year after this break that really energized me! We took these pictures during our vacations in Toulouse ( South of France), on the little stony path that is going to my parent’s house. I used to play there for hours when I was a child and come back with the cloth full of mud. You can imagine how upset was my mum 🙂  I always feel very exited and nostalgic to go back “home” because it reminds me a part of my childhood and I feel like a child again (I’m totally a peter pan). The masterpiece of this winter outfit is a old pink faux fur coat that I really love for its softness and it adds a delicate touch of color to this look. Its color is also very easy to match with any outfit and the hood is lovely. The faux fur coast is definitely my favorite season’s trend! In addition to be sooooo comfy, this piece can bring very elegant vibes to an outfit and can also be worn for a daily style. That day I just wore this faux fur coat with a very casual look: a boyfriend jean, a large kaki sweater and some brown Chelsea boots that are the most confortable boots I ever wore. If you need some hugs to warm up your body with the actual freezing weather, the faux fur coat is your best ally because its teddy bear softness and look is irresistible! Yes I confirm, people can’t stop to caress my pink fur and say “how cute, it’s so sofffffttttt”!!! Bisous, Melissa ♡

thumb_DSC_1227_1024thumb_DSC_1129_1024thumb_DSC_0047_1024faux fur coatthumb_DSC_1162_1024thumb_DSC_1221_1024thumb_DSC_0034_1024thumb_DSC_0081_1024thumb_DSC_0026_1024thumb_DSC_0008_1024

Faux fur coat – Pull & Bear

Boots – Botticelli

Jean – Bershka

Sweater – Pull & Bear

Bag – Zara



September 8, 2016

Have you ever tried to wear culottes? You know these cropped pants that hang like a skirt, but are actually pants! I thought they were totally has-been and until the day I decided to try them on just for curiosity´s sake and….shame on me I got trapped, I love them! Yes culottes are back this year and you might soon steal them from your grand-ma´s wardrobe! Still have doubts? Here are some pros and cons about culottes:


  • These loose and flowy pants are so comfy, it´s like wearing a skirt without the risk to show your underwear when there is too much wind
  • They work with nearly everything as long as you wear heels: crop top, shirt, jacket etc.
  • You can wear them anywhere to any occasion from the workplace or parties!


  • You were forced to wear them as a child, never liked it and you are not a fashion victim.
  • That might be a reason for your boyfriend to break up with you because usually men don´t want to date with their grand-ma.
  • They are not flattering the silhouette so they can be risky if you are not tall and slim like Gisele Bunchen.

If you want to avoid the risk to look like a potato bag, the basic rule is to wear culottes with heels. On these pictures taken in an abandoned factory, I am wearing culottes within a khaki co-ord set and a body jewelry to style the outfit. So what do you think about culottes? Bisous, Melissa ♡


CulottesCulottesCulottesthumb_dsc_0616_1024thumb_dsc_0183_1024Body jewelthumb_dsc_0097_1024thumb_dsc_0717_1024

Co-ord set – Pull & Bear

Necklace – Bijou Brigitte

Shoes – Rumbo



August 5, 2016
striped outfit

As I use to spend the week-end at the beach during half of the year, I am always looking for new cool items for summer and a striped outfit is perfect to chill out on the seaside. Ok so the classic striped shirt: Check I already have (see my outfit here). What else? Striped pant? No thanks I don’t want to look like Beetlejuice twerking on the dance floor, this is for Miley Cirus 😉 So today I have on a striped maxi-skirt with a white off-shoulder top, crazy orange heel shoes …and last but not least a striped purse that totally matches with the skirt (so perfect, it is creating an optic effect hidding my purse to the stealers ahah)! Finally stripes really rock with everything effortless and are never out of style. So I leave you with these wonderful pastel colors that occur for a very short moment at the end of the day. I feel so lucky to enjoy such a beautiful landscape every week. Bisous, Melissa ♡

thumb_DSC_0179_1024thumb_DSC_0197_1024 thumb_DSC_0246_1024thumb_DSC_0403_1024thumb_DSC_0336_1024thumb_DSC_0378_1024thumb_DSC_0249_1024thumb_DSC_0497_1024thumb_DSC_0364_1024thumb_DSC_0466_1024


Skirt – Zara

Purse – Petit Bateau

Top – A beach shop

Shoes – Minelli

Anklet – Dixi shop


Flower power

July 28, 2016
boho wedding outfit

Holidays are always too short! Have you ever felt you needed some extra holidays to rest from your holidays that just ended (life is hard)? Well this is exactly what I felt after my crazy holidays in France where I attended to 2 birthdays and 2 weddings in just 10 days. I don’t know what is the wedding culture in your country but in France weddings can last 3 days! You can have a kind of warm-up party the day before with all the friends, then the wedding party accompanied with a river of champagne can start from 3 pm until the sunrise and because we just can’t get enough, the next day we often meet again for an alcoholic brunch! Ok don’t think I am complaining, I really think weddings are the coolest parties ever invented! I wore this boho wedding outfit for a beautiful ceremony that took place in the French Southern countryside that really reminded me some paintings of van Gogh. In many weddings it is usual that people wear all kind of crazy hats because it is an awesome opportunity to have fun wearing some accessories that you would never dare to wear in your day-to-day life. Personally I love wearing flower crowns to spice up a style when I feel lazy to put make-up, clean and style my hair or go to the hairdresser. The flower crown and lipstick are just enough! By the way all my apologies for the bad quality of these pictures, I forgot to charge my camera (shit happens) so we just took them with an iPhone 6. If you are looking for another wedding outfit idea check out this article. Bisous, Melissa ♡

thumb_IMG_0063_1024thumb_IMG_0061_1024FullSizeRender-18thumb_IMG_0039_1024thumb_IMG_0020_1024thumb_IMG_0069_1024IMG_9660 thumb_IMG_0010_1024thumb_IMG_0028_1024

Dress – Lolly

Shoes – Gucci

Flower crown – Bijou Brigitte


All white

July 2, 2016
all white outfit

All white styles are not only for weddings! I’m really a fan of colored looks for the summer but I love this all white outfit to spend the day at the beach. It is a perfect and strategic style to highlight a tanned skin and even an aspirin skin color like mine 🙂 The only problem about wearing an all white outfit is that it’s getting dirty really fast when you don’t know how to eat or drink properly. If you are a Bridget Jones like me and want to avoid a massacre with this summer outfit, I’ve got an advice for you: you should definitely avoid eating a plate of spaghetti bolognese that day ! (I already made that mistake ahah). But the great news is that you can totally go for a cup of champagne or white wine!  Cheers! Bisous, Melissa ♡

thumb_DSC_0892_1024thumb_DSC_0169_1024thumb_DSC_0755_1024thumb_DSC_0971_1024thumb_DSC_0682_1024thumb_DSC_0450_1024thumb_DSC_1000_1024thumb_DSC_0888_1024thumb_DSC_0298_1024all white outfit

All white outfit – A boho shop on the beach

Basket – Alehop

Jewels – Bijou Brigitte


Off the shoulder

June 17, 2016

Thanks to the off the shoulder top, we have a good reason to leave our bra in the closet and free our shoulders for this summer! More seriously, this trend doesn’t date from yesterday and is definitely back this year! Also called bardot top, it became an iconic piece in the 60s because it was one of the emblematic piece wore by the actress Brigitte Bardot who was a real icon and sex-symbol. So the off the shoulder top is sexy, boho, comfy and light to wear when the heat rises. Definitely a cool and irresistible tendency. However be very careful, this piece can become totally dangerous if it is a crop top especially on windy days and when you have no bra! On these pictures taken during one of the rare windy and cloudy days we have on the Spanish riviera, I was really happy that this off the shoulder top had a second layer that was elastic to avoid a huge shameful moment! This is the only risky experience I had with my off the shoulder top, otherwise it’s pretty cool and easy to wear with everything such as a denim pant or maxi skirt. So do you want to let your shoulders breath the fresh air? Bisous, Melissa ♡


Off the shoulder top & pant- Zara

Bag – Miu Miu

Sunglasses –  Feler

Shoes – Cosmoparis




Boho dress

May 11, 2016

Have you also wished to be a sexy witch (not a sexy bitch) with cool magic powers? If you were a fan too of the movie “the craft” you may like maxi boho dresses as much as me 🙂 Although maxi dresses are cool because they have so much style and you don’t need to be perfectly shaved (ahaha come on admit it), I think they are not that easy to wear. It’s unfair but they look better on tall girls and the length always needs to be readjusted if do not want to sweep the floor with your dress! Anyway if you are not the tallest girl of the world there are shorter boho dresses that are very nice too. So I used to joke about this boho chic outfit calling it my “witch style” because I have on a maxi boho dress from Asos that is all black with white little stars and I wear it with back boots, a black floppy hat and a multirow necklace. Regarding the beauty look, I wanted to add a touch of color so I rather highlighted the lips with an orange lipstick. Oh but where is my broom you may wonder? I replaced it for a lovely white cat. More cute right? Bisous, Melissa ♡
thumb_DSC_1438_1024thumb_DSC_1417_1024 2thumb_DSC_1353_1024thumb_DSC_1387_1024thumb_DSC_1486_1024thumb_DSC_1367_1024thumb_DSC_1414_1024thumb_DSC_0220_1024thumb_DSC_1355_1024thumb_DSC_0201_1024

Boho dress & necklace – Asos

Floppy hat – American apparel

Bracelet & ring – Aristocrazy

Lipstick – Guerlain (merci Anne-Laure)