September 8, 2016

Have you ever tried to wear culottes? You know these cropped pants that hang like a skirt, but are actually pants! I thought they were totally has-been and until the day I decided to try them on just for curiosity´s sake and….shame on me I got trapped, I love them! Yes culottes are back this year and you might soon steal them from your grand-ma´s wardrobe! Still have doubts? Here are some pros and cons about culottes:


  • These loose and flowy pants are so comfy, it´s like wearing a skirt without the risk to show your underwear when there is too much wind
  • They work with nearly everything as long as you wear heels: crop top, shirt, jacket etc.
  • You can wear them anywhere to any occasion from the workplace or parties!


  • You were forced to wear them as a child, never liked it and you are not a fashion victim.
  • That might be a reason for your boyfriend to break up with you because usually men don´t want to date with their grand-ma.
  • They are not flattering the silhouette so they can be risky if you are not tall and slim like Gisele Bunchen.

If you want to avoid the risk to look like a potato bag, the basic rule is to wear culottes with heels. On these pictures taken in an abandoned factory, I am wearing culottes within a khaki co-ord set and a body jewelry to style the outfit. So what do you think about culottes? Bisous, Melissa ♡


CulottesCulottesCulottesthumb_dsc_0616_1024thumb_dsc_0183_1024Body jewelthumb_dsc_0097_1024thumb_dsc_0717_1024

Co-ord set – Pull & Bear

Necklace – Bijou Brigitte

Shoes – Rumbo

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