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Easy tips to have a beautiful hair

March 3, 2016
beautiful hair

Having a healthy and beautiful hair is so important to feel happy and amazing. Remember this great feeling when you leave the hairdresser (if he did not destroy your hair of course ;)) ? Actually we multiply shampoos and hair products and most of us forgot about the simple little gestures that help to keep a shiny, healthy, sexy, pretty, crazy hair almost effortless ! Is the dry shampoo your best friend ? Not yet ? Then discover some easy and fast tips to have a beautiful hair. Here we go !

Good tips to wash your hair :

  • Don’t wash your hair everyday. This great news will save your time and precious minutes of sleep if you use to wash your hair in the morning! Wash your hair every 3 days, it is enough. More you wash it, more it will be oily so you are entering into a vicious circle. Between each hair washing, the dry shampoo is your best friend.
  • Another economic and time saving tip: just apply 1 shampoo on the scalp. In fact 1 shampoo is enough to remove the pollution and dirt but the second shampoo will attack your hair.
  • Make a soft circular massage of your scalp with the shampoo during just 30 sec (using your fingers not the nails). This will increase the blood microcirculation, warm the roots and stimulate the growth of your hair.
  • Use a conditioner every time you wash your hair to moisturize it.
  • Try giving to your hair a final rinse of cool water to get a shining hair. Vinegar or lemon juice added to the rinsing water works too but who has the time right?

Good tips to dry your hair:

  • Dry your hair delicately with the towel. Don’t rub the ends of your hair, it will damage it.  You rather use an ultra-absorbent towel.
  • The air-dry is the best but if you want to use a blow dryer respect a security distance of at least 15cm, use a cool setting and put a heat protection. Finish drying with the head down to get more volume.
  • Try to minimize heat-styling with the use of straightening irons.

Good tips to brush your hair:

  • Don’t brush your hair while it’s wet; you will break it, as it is more fragile. You should brush it before to clean it.
  • Brush your hair everyday to remove the dirt and give volume but don’t do excessive brushing or you will get an oily hair. Use your fingers to style your hair more often.
  • Brush your hair softly. Divide your hair in two and brush from the middle of your hair to the tip to get all of the snags out, then brush from root to tip when you are sure there are no snags.
  • Use the right brush according to your hair type. A wide-toothed comb or soft boar bristle brush will not hurt your hair.

Good tips when you sleep:

  • Sleep enough. Sleeping the necessary time is good for the hair and the skin.
  • Sleep with a braid to have beautiful curves in the morning without using your curling iron.
  • Use a satin pillow as they are softer and will not damage your hair.
  • If you want to gain time when you wash you hair, apply the moisturizing mask on your hair all night long before to wash them. You will see that you hair is so soft in the morning. Do this at least once a week.

Good tips about the products to use:

  • If you don’t have a moisturizing mask, you can use ricin oil or argan oil. One day I did not have anything to use so I tested olive oil and it works too.
  • Natural colorations made with plants are better.
  • The best is to make your own products but if you can’t, rather use bio products.
  • Have a balanced diet. Some ingredients are particularly good if you want to have a beautiful hair: fishes like salmon, almonds, lens, eggs, carrots, spinach or broccoli are very good.
  • You can also stimulate the growth of your hair taking brewery yeast pills. However you will notice the results after at least 3 months so be patient.
  • You can accessorize your hair to style it but do not wear a ponytail everyday or rather do a loose ponytail.

I hope that you liked this tips. Bisous, Melissa ♡

beautiful hair




Christmas jumper

December 25, 2015

I love so much christmas, it’s atmosphere, the christmas lights, the christmas tree, the christmas songs (♫ laaaaaaast christmas I gave you my heaaaaaaart ♪), and obviously the christmas jumpers! I am quite collecting them since 2 years ago and I guess I was a little bit influenced by the movie Bridget Jones:) So for this Christmas,  I decided to style my new christmas jumper (that my mum was also wearing the same day;) with a ’70s-inspired outfit, with a button-front skirt, black knee high boots and a half-up crown braid. How would you wear your christmas jumper? Bisous, Melissa♥

thumb_DSC_0567_1024thumb_DSC_0656_1024christmas jumperthumb_DSC_0659_1024thumb_DSC_0666_1024thumb_DSC_0701_1024

Jumper – H&M ( merci Manor ♡)

Skirt – Zara

Boots – Rumbo

Coat – Urban Outfitters



Wedding in La Manga

November 13, 2015

Hello! Have you ever been to a wedding on the beach? Last week-end I went to my first ceremony on the beach of La Manga (Spain) and it really rocks! I did not really know what wedding outfit I could wear and I started to think about the weddings on the beach in American movies where everybody is dressed in white, walking bare foot in the sand and having a great white smile. But here it was clearly not a “total white” wedding and I really did not want to piss off the bride wearing also a white dress 🙂 So I finally decided to wear a bohemian style blue dress. To go with the dress, I did a romantic braided hairstyle and added some blue flowers that I found stole in the garden in from of my building. Yes my behavior was not as elegant as my style, sorry! To break this so blue and sentimental wedding style, I wore orange lips that matched with my orange shoes and nails. I hope you like it. And you, what wedding outfit would you have wore for a ceremony on the beach? Bisous, Melissa ♥


Dress – from a small shop in Shanghai but you can find plenty of bohemian dresses on Asos
Shoes – Minelli
Bag – Cosmoparis