Boho dress

May 11, 2016

Have you also wished to be a sexy witch (not a sexy bitch) with cool magic powers? If you were a fan too of the movie “the craft” you may like maxi boho dresses as much as me ūüôā Although¬†maxi dresses are cool because they have so much style and you don’t need to be perfectly shaved¬†(ahaha come on admit it), I think they are not that easy to wear. It’s unfair but they¬†look better on¬†tall girls and the length always needs to be readjusted if do not want to sweep the floor with your dress! Anyway if you are not the tallest girl of the world there are shorter boho dresses that are very nice too.¬†So I used to joke about¬†this boho chic outfit calling it my¬†“witch style” because I have on¬†a maxi¬†boho¬†dress from Asos that is all black with white little stars and I wear it with back boots, a black floppy hat and a multirow necklace. Regarding the beauty look, I wanted to add a touch of color so I rather highlighted the lips with an orange lipstick.¬†Oh but where is my broom you may wonder? I replaced it for a lovely white cat. More cute¬†right? Bisous, Melissa¬†‚ô°
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Boho dress & necklace – Asos

Floppy hat ‚ÄstAmerican apparel

Bracelet & ring – Aristocrazy

Lipstick – Guerlain (merci Anne-Laure)

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