Indian summer

October 26, 2016
boho jumpsuit

In the region where I live, people say there is no autumn and that we suddenly switch from wearing a swimsuit to a coat. Actually the weather is still nice although the seawater is becoming fresh. I know the mild temperatures will not last very long so I am trying to make the best of this Indian summer and still enjoy spending the week-end at the beach. I am having on here a boho jumpsuit with some Indian prints and a few hippie chic jewels. The shooting is taking place around a lovely little cove surrounded by some mountains ending into the water. I love so much this place to relax, have a picnic, scuba dive and hike. By the way, I have to tell you the story about my last bath of the year which was epic:  I stepped accidentally on a big octopus that decided to follow me until I leaved the water running like crazy and screaming “I’m followed by a furious octopus!!” ! Obviously everybody on the beach looked at me like “Whatever, she is just blond” (big moment of loneliness). Of course I looked even more crazy when I started to accuse my boyfriend ” Why didn’t you rescue me, I could have been attacked by a big white shark in front of you and you would just be laughing while watching me?”. Nobody really believed my story so I decided to go back to the water to have a face to face with this octopus and prove I was not lying…. but the animal found me before and started to embrace me with its sticky tentacles! Big scream again, no reaction from the beach and another moment of loneliness…Scandalous right? Ah, can’t believe that winter is coming! Bisous, Melissa ♡



Boho jumpsuit – Zara

Jewels – Bijou Brigitte / hippie market

Sandals – Les p’tites bombes

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