Pomegranate season

November 6, 2015

Hello! One of my favorite fruit in Spain is clearly the pomegranate. The pomegranate (Punica granatum) is a fruit native of central Asia and became the fruit of the Egyptians gods thanks to its legendary magic powers. In addition to be a delicious fruit, the pomegranate is renown as a superfruit for its multiples qualities. Here are 6 good reasons to eat pomegranates!

Benefits of the pomegranate:

  1. Powerful antioxidant : some studies demonstrated its high concentration in antioxidant, greater that the strawberry, plum, cherry and even more that the red wine and the green tea that are very famous for their  anti-ageing special agents.
  2. Very rich in C vitamin : 1 pomegranate provides 40 % of the daily needs in C vitamin
  3. Boost the immune system: ideal in winter to resist against all the naughty microbes
  4. Participate in preventing the cardiovascular diseases, some cancers, Alzheimer’s disease and the stomach ulcer. It would even have a beneficial effect in the blood circulation and the hypertension.
  5. Light in sugar so perfect for those that are taking care of their silhouette
  6. And finally the pomegranate would have positive effects on the libido  🙂


Alert! Crazy trick to eat easily the pomegranate !

Have you ever wondered how you could eat the pomegranate not with a small spoon but with a soup spoon, without getting mad, without getting the fingers sticky when eating each grain one by one with the speed of a turtle ninja?

==>  I got a simple solution for you: just cut the pomegranate in 2 and hit each half with a soup spoon on the skin side. You will notice that this trick is amazing because you only have the grains that fall into the bowl. You just need to enjoy them with a soup spoon 🙂

Bisous, Melissa ♥

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