Indian vibes

December 11, 2015

Hello! After 2 weeks waiting,  I finally received my pack from Asos and opened it with the impatience of a child in front of christmas gifts;) I could not resist to buy on promo this poncho with a Peruvian style knowing it could be a Big mistake. When I opened the pack, I did not know if I really liked it! Yeah the exercice of the poncho is not easy and you can quickly look like a woman from the machu-picchu! After spending 30 min trying on this crazy piece with different pants and shoes I felt it was better to go for a simple back slim, black top and pumps. However I thought it was cool to accessorize it a little brown belt, some necklaces and a one side african braid. Finally I love wearing this piece because I feel so comfortable like if I still had my sofa plaid on me ahah! So yeah or nah to the poncho? Bisous, Melissa ♥


Poncho – Asos

Slim – Urban Outfitters

Shoes – Minelli


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