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African style

April 22, 2016

I have always admired the African women’s dresses with their incredible wax prints. African wax prints are very colorful cloths with batik printing emblematic of the fashion in West Africa. In Senegal, I wanted to make me sew a dress but I thought I would not have so many occasions to wear it except for carnivals (finally it could have been a good idea since I always wear the same white-snow costume to all the costumed parties!). I am imagining the face of my boss if I came back to the office wearing an African style 🙂 ahah. So I just brought back this little skirt with African wax prints that I got readjusted. I think the African fashion can totally rock and be very elegant when you mix African prints with modern pieces! That day I was wearing my wax skirt with a white crop-top, some lace shoes that have the same color as the dry grass in the bush and I accessorized it with a colored headband and some wax bracelets. You can get a very cool outfit to go to the office if you wear a wax skirt or pant with a plain shirt or a denim shirt and some pumps. So ready to embrace the African fashion? Bisous, Melissa ♡

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Lace top

April 7, 2016
Lace top

The lace top is the new tee-shirt of this season, people say. I think it is a cool item to get a casual but sexy outfit. However on these pictures taken when walking in Saint-Louis, I guess the holiday mood inspired me a rebel outfit that day. I felt like to wear everything that is frowned upon at the office to have a total freedom feeling. Perhaps I was too free because I even decided to free my nipples ahahah! Ok I mean I had no bra when wearing this black lace top from Zara and I loved it 🙂 As a black lace top cannot be a fashion faux-pas and matches with everything, I have on a faded&destroyed boyfriend jean and golden Birkenstock that are soooo comfy and perfect to walk all day long. And you, would you wear your lace top with or without bra? Let me know what you think about this street style in the comments! Bisous, Melissa ♡

lace top birkenstocklace top outfitsaint-louis senegalbirkenstocklace top looksaint-louis senegalbirkenstocklace top

Top & jeans – Zara

Birkenstock – Francescomilano

Sunglasses – Feler


Christmas jumper

December 25, 2015

I love so much christmas, it’s atmosphere, the christmas lights, the christmas tree, the christmas songs (♫ laaaaaaast christmas I gave you my heaaaaaaart ♪), and obviously the christmas jumpers! I am quite collecting them since 2 years ago and I guess I was a little bit influenced by the movie Bridget Jones:) So for this Christmas,  I decided to style my new christmas jumper (that my mum was also wearing the same day;) with a ’70s-inspired outfit, with a button-front skirt, black knee high boots and a half-up crown braid. How would you wear your christmas jumper? Bisous, Melissa♥

thumb_DSC_0567_1024thumb_DSC_0656_1024christmas jumperthumb_DSC_0659_1024thumb_DSC_0666_1024thumb_DSC_0701_1024

Jumper – H&M ( merci Manor ♡)

Skirt – Zara

Boots – Rumbo

Coat – Urban Outfitters



Indian vibes

December 11, 2015

Hello! After 2 weeks waiting,  I finally received my pack from Asos and opened it with the impatience of a child in front of christmas gifts;) I could not resist to buy on promo this poncho with a Peruvian style knowing it could be a Big mistake. When I opened the pack, I did not know if I really liked it! Yeah the exercice of the poncho is not easy and you can quickly look like a woman from the machu-picchu! After spending 30 min trying on this crazy piece with different pants and shoes I felt it was better to go for a simple back slim, black top and pumps. However I thought it was cool to accessorize it a little brown belt, some necklaces and a one side african braid. Finally I love wearing this piece because I feel so comfortable like if I still had my sofa plaid on me ahah! So yeah or nah to the poncho? Bisous, Melissa ♥


Poncho – Asos

Slim – Urban Outfitters

Shoes – Minelli



Denim is the new black

November 27, 2015

Hi! I have tested the total denim outfit and I did not even feel like a cowgirl! I know it is very risky but that morning, I woke up with the inspiration to mix 2 denim colors: a faded and destroyed boyfriend jean with a darker denim shirt that is knotted. To avoid the texas ranker style, I think it is cool to play with some accesories to spice up the look: bag, belt, hairband, sunglasses, shoes etc. Here I decided to go for a mini black purse and black pump with some rock details. However some colored or leopard pump could also bring a sexy feel or nice sneakers could add a streetwear touch.  I also like to highlight this style with a flashy lipstick and nail color. Here I was in pink mood but red or orange could be really cool as well. And you, how would you wear the total denim look? Bisous, Melissa

DSC_0431_1024DSC_0403_1024total denim

Jean & Shirt – Zara
Shoes – Minelli
Bag – Marc by Marc Jacobs



Wedding in La Manga

November 13, 2015

Hello! Have you ever been to a wedding on the beach? Last week-end I went to my first ceremony on the beach of La Manga (Spain) and it really rocks! I did not really know what wedding outfit I could wear and I started to think about the weddings on the beach in American movies where everybody is dressed in white, walking bare foot in the sand and having a great white smile. But here it was clearly not a “total white” wedding and I really did not want to piss off the bride wearing also a white dress 🙂 So I finally decided to wear a bohemian style blue dress. To go with the dress, I did a romantic braided hairstyle and added some blue flowers that I found stole in the garden in from of my building. Yes my behavior was not as elegant as my style, sorry! To break this so blue and sentimental wedding style, I wore orange lips that matched with my orange shoes and nails. I hope you like it. And you, what wedding outfit would you have wore for a ceremony on the beach? Bisous, Melissa ♥


Dress – from a small shop in Shanghai but you can find plenty of bohemian dresses on Asos
Shoes – Minelli
Bag – Cosmoparis


Last summer moments in Alicante

October 30, 2015

Hi! Today I propose you an outfit that just made my summer: a playsuit American Apparel. I really love wearing playsuits because I can get dressed in just 10 sec when I am in a hurry and have a very cool style effortless. Allehuiahhhhhh This is a perfect strategy because I am not really a morning person so I am in a hurry almost every mornings 😉 When I first saw this playsuit on the website, I was not totally convinced but finally I think it really rocks if you primp it with red nails, a red lipstick and even with a red hairband. We took these photos when walking in Alicante with my mum at the end of the summer. Let me know what you think about it! Bisous, Melissa ♥



Playsuit – American Apparel
Headband – American Apparel
Bag – Minelli (gift from my great ex-workmates)