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Lemon’s powers

December 18, 2015
lemon tree

When I settled in Spain, I was so impressed by the beautiful landscapes of the countryside with all these lemon trees. As I decided to have a healthier life, I started making research about the lemon which is growing in every garden here. And yes, our grandmas were definitely right, the lemon has extraordinary virtues for the health and we forgot them! So I’ve changed my morning routine and I actually wake up each morning with a fresh lemon water which is an excellent detox drink and a lot more! I know, it doesn’t sound really fun to replace a Tropicana juice for a lemon water ahah. But here are 6 reasons why the lemon water is good for you and so we should listen more to our grandma’s witch remedies:

  1. You won’t be sick this winter: the limon kills the naughty little batteries and helps to equilibrate the PH of your body which is just vital.
  2. You are not constipated: its juice is stimulating the digestion, you will go to the loo in the 5 next min 😉
  3. It helps you to get slimmer: the lemon is an appetite suppressant and rich in C vitamin which helps to burn calories ! By the way, the fruit has only 19 calories
  4. You will keep a young skin: in addition to its detox and diuretic properties, the lemon has hydrating virtues that will help you to have a healthy skin. The C vitamin and antioxydant contribute to reduce the wrinkles and fight against the aging of the skin
  5. Your body is detoxified: the lemon has detox virtues, diuretic (so you definitely need a toilet close) and cleans your liver
  6. You have a fresh breath: no need to take a tic-tac, the lemon is refresheng the breath but that’s not a reason to forget to clean your teeth right?

So are you convinced now? If you want to benefit from the properties of the lemon water, you just have to press your fresh lemon in lukewarm mineral water, and drink your preparation around 15min before your breakfast! Bisous, Melissa


lemon water

Lemon smile