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April 20, 2017

I love spring because it brings so much life and happiness, wild flowers are blooming everywhere, the birds sing and the landscapes become colorful! (I would like to precise I am not writing this when being drunk although I seem overenthusiastic) You know summer is coming soon and this is a bit like a Saturday feeling: you are enjoying your day and you know there is one more day left! Spring has a special smell here with all the blooming lemon trees, orange trees and jasmines that spread an addictive perfume in the cities and countryside. That sunny afternoon I was wearing an outfit with a gradation of cold colors that I felt were matching good together. I mixed a very soft sweater in an old grey color with a blue mom jean and some grey glitter shoes that really remind me the Cinderella shoes! Ok they are not made of crystal but they really make me feel like I am a princess 🙂 Finally this outfit just represents all the happiness that spring brings to me! And the best = Summer is still coming!  What is your favorite season? Bisous, Melissa ♡

springspring outfit

Sweater – Pull & Bear

Jeans – Bershka

Shoes – Mango


Black and rock vibes

April 4, 2017

The sun is here, bringing some summer colors and it feels the beach season is getting very close. We could not resist having a walk along the coast and smell the iodized wind and eat a fat Burger King watching the waves.  Today some rock vibes with an outfit having different shades of black. I think the accessories are key here and these very rock n roll studded boots are so cool to spice up this look. Also to contrast a bit this black outfit I like the idea to put a red scarf in the hair that matches with red lips and add a kind of pin up touch (although my workmate use to call me 2pac when I put this scarf in the hair;) ). Bisous, Melissa ♡

Sweater – Pull&Bear

Jean – Bershka

Boots – Zara




March 19, 2017
over the knee boots outfit

How to wear over the knee heeled boots without looking like a prostitute? That is the question of the day I am trying to answer to with this new outfit. I could not resist to these sexy but comfy over the knee boots that were looking at me saying “buy me, buy me and I will spice up your winter looks!”. Okay girls come home! After wondering and testing how could I wear them without looking vulgar and see cars stopping in the street to ask for my price… I think these kind of boots can match very good with an oversized sweater dress that you can see on this shooting or on a black slim with an oversized sweater or shirt. I already wore today’s look at work without chocking anyone so I guess the mission is accomplished 🙂 Bisous, Melissa ♡

Over the knee boots – Zara

Dress – Stradivarius

Bag – Minelli



Black & White

February 4, 2017
leather legging

Lately something totally crazy and unbelievable happened in the place where I live: it has been raining a lot and we even had some snow! Ok you think that I am exaggerating I guess, but you have to know that when it rains in the Costa Blanca or in the Costa Calida, children are allowed not to go to school! Also with the rain, my team lunch outside and some dinners with friends got suddenly cancelled, the home delivery service of the restaurants are not operative and my yoga teacher congratulated and applauded me for coming to the class saying I deserve a medal! ahahah

With the rain, the arid landscape suddenly changed of color to turn into a phosphorescent Irish green! Yes I promise these pictures have no filter! I really like the contrast of the colors between this no-colored outfit and the unreal green landscape. I think black and white outfits are always cool and suit everybody. That day was not really cold to wear a coat so I just did the “onion trick” which consists in adding multiple layers of back and white tops to keep warm. I am also having on a sexy and black leather legging with new Nikes that I call my “mermaid shoes” because they have a little glitter touch at the back. This look is quite casual but you can rock at night if you change the Nike snickers for some black pumps… and remove one of the onion layer 🙂 Bisous, Melissa ♡

thumb_DSC_0166_1024 2thumb_DSC_0121_1024

thumb_DSC_0618_1024thumb_DSC_0167_1024 2thumb_DSC_0193_1024thumb_DSC_0206_1024thumb_DSC_0660_1024thumb_DSC_0225_1024thumb_DSC_0367_1024thumb_DSC_0421_1024thumb_DSC_0399_1024

Sweater – Pull & Bear

Leather legging – Calzedonia

Bag – Stradivarius

Snikers – Nike




It’s getting cold outside, put your faux fur on!

January 22, 2017

Hey guys! I hope you had a great beginning of the year! I have not been posting for a while because I needed to do a little “digital detox” during my christmas vacations to fully enjoy my time with my family. We also just moved to a new flat and have been quite busy with our installation. I am really happy to come back and present you my first outfit of the year after this break that really energized me! We took these pictures during our vacations in Toulouse ( South of France), on the little stony path that is going to my parent’s house. I used to play there for hours when I was a child and come back with the cloth full of mud. You can imagine how upset was my mum 🙂  I always feel very exited and nostalgic to go back “home” because it reminds me a part of my childhood and I feel like a child again (I’m totally a peter pan). The masterpiece of this winter outfit is a old pink faux fur coat that I really love for its softness and it adds a delicate touch of color to this look. Its color is also very easy to match with any outfit and the hood is lovely. The faux fur coast is definitely my favorite season’s trend! In addition to be sooooo comfy, this piece can bring very elegant vibes to an outfit and can also be worn for a daily style. That day I just wore this faux fur coat with a very casual look: a boyfriend jean, a large kaki sweater and some brown Chelsea boots that are the most confortable boots I ever wore. If you need some hugs to warm up your body with the actual freezing weather, the faux fur coat is your best ally because its teddy bear softness and look is irresistible! Yes I confirm, people can’t stop to caress my pink fur and say “how cute, it’s so sofffffttttt”!!! Bisous, Melissa ♡

thumb_DSC_1227_1024thumb_DSC_1129_1024thumb_DSC_0047_1024faux fur coatthumb_DSC_1162_1024thumb_DSC_1221_1024thumb_DSC_0034_1024thumb_DSC_0081_1024thumb_DSC_0026_1024thumb_DSC_0008_1024

Faux fur coat – Pull & Bear

Boots – Botticelli

Jean – Bershka

Sweater – Pull & Bear

Bag – Zara


Slip dress

December 15, 2016

It is not a secret anymore that I am still dreaming to discover one day my magic powers. I remember when we where teenagers with my best friend we made a witch book and wrote some magic formulas that we found on Internet (it was the beginning of internet and the connection was so bad and slow that you had to choose between using the telephone or internet!). Anyway I am convinced that we all have energy that we transmit to others and can realize miracles like “magic powers”. Isn’t amazing that just a smile can bring light to someone’s life within a second? Today I am having on another “witch” outfit that I especially love because it is highlighting an emblematic piece from the 90’s that I wore as a teen: the slip dress. This dress that looks like a nightdress is quite easy to wear and style for different occasions: alone as a sexy dress for a party, with a tee shirt or transparent top for a more daily outfit. I am wearing for this shooting a beautiful maxi slip dress with a transparent top that both come from Stradivarius. As this look is very feminine, I prefer to wear some back boots and my usual black hat to add a little rock touch. Do you also approve the come back of the slip dress? Bisous, Melissa ♡


Slip dress – Stradivarius

Transparent top – Stradivarius

Hat – American Apparel

Boots – Bibi Lou


Canadian vibes

November 16, 2016
plaid shirt

Today I am taking you to a hill around my home where we love to have a walk and it has a wonderful panoramic view overlooking at the city where we love to drink a cup of wine. It is a relaxing place that reminds me the woods in the South of France where I grew up. Ok don’t think I was raised by wolves like Moogly although I love this cartoon! This autumn outfit has a little Canadian touch with a plaid flannel shirt (I am fascinated by the Canadian woodcutters with their plaid shirt although I feel concerned about the protection of the forest!), a denim button skirt and some black over-the-knee boots. If you love too the Canadian lumberjacks and want to get another outfit idea on how to wear the plaid shirt, check out the article lumberjack shirt. Bisous, Melissa ♡

thumb_dsc_0341_1024thumb_dsc_0287_1024 thumb_dsc_0260_1024thumb_dsc_0263_1024thumb_dsc_0092_1024thumb_dsc_0257_1024thumb_dsc_0064_1024

Plaid shirt – Stradivarius

Skirt – Pull&Bear

Boots – Rumbo



September 19, 2016

Spain is one of the most popular place for the summer holidays so it is not a piece of cake to find a peaceful beach. These kind of places are kept secret by those that love to feel alone on the beach. The place of this shooting is one of these, where you feel that you have arrived to the end of the world and can do all that you want. Unfortunately I cannot tell  you the name of this beach otherwise I will have to kill you afterward ! (ok I am watching too much “Narcos” I think 😉 ). Regarding my beach outfit,  I am a big lover of the maxi boho dresses because they are really comfy and romantic. I really had a crush on that floral maxi dress for its amazing purple color that reminds me the sunset colors of this beach somedays. What is your favorite outfit to go to the beach? Bisous, Melissa ♡

thumb_dsc_0121_1024thumb_dsc_0580_1024thumb_dsc_0927_1024thumb_dsc_0236_1024thumb_dsc_0318_1024thumb_dsc_0931_1024 Floral thumb_dsc_0929_1024thumb_dsc_0354_1024thumb_dsc_0143_1024

Dress – Small shop on the beach

Choker – Pull&Bear

Hat – American Apparel



September 8, 2016

Have you ever tried to wear culottes? You know these cropped pants that hang like a skirt, but are actually pants! I thought they were totally has-been and until the day I decided to try them on just for curiosity´s sake and….shame on me I got trapped, I love them! Yes culottes are back this year and you might soon steal them from your grand-ma´s wardrobe! Still have doubts? Here are some pros and cons about culottes:


  • These loose and flowy pants are so comfy, it´s like wearing a skirt without the risk to show your underwear when there is too much wind
  • They work with nearly everything as long as you wear heels: crop top, shirt, jacket etc.
  • You can wear them anywhere to any occasion from the workplace or parties!


  • You were forced to wear them as a child, never liked it and you are not a fashion victim.
  • That might be a reason for your boyfriend to break up with you because usually men don´t want to date with their grand-ma.
  • They are not flattering the silhouette so they can be risky if you are not tall and slim like Gisele Bunchen.

If you want to avoid the risk to look like a potato bag, the basic rule is to wear culottes with heels. On these pictures taken in an abandoned factory, I am wearing culottes within a khaki co-ord set and a body jewelry to style the outfit. So what do you think about culottes? Bisous, Melissa ♡


CulottesCulottesCulottesthumb_dsc_0616_1024thumb_dsc_0183_1024Body jewelthumb_dsc_0097_1024thumb_dsc_0717_1024

Co-ord set – Pull & Bear

Necklace – Bijou Brigitte

Shoes – Rumbo


Denim dress

August 26, 2016

I have finally found the coolest casual item for the summer that can be worn anytime and anywhere (except to climb the Everest or to go to bed maybe)! I am speaking about the denim dress that is a good classic to have when you don’t know what to wear. That day I am having on a denim dress with some silver shoes and the dream mermaid purse to have a walk in Cabo de Palos. It is a little fisherman’s village, which has lovely little creeks with crystal water, and it also has an amazing marine reserve where I love to dive (don’t wear it to dive neither, not practical). By the way, if you don’t want to get the total denim look of Katy Perry or Britney Spears at the MTV VMA, avoid absolutely denim accessories when you wear a denim dress! Anyway denim matches with everything so just have fun! Bisous, Melissa ♡

thumb_DSC_0807_1024thumb_DSC_0783_1024IMG_0162_1024IMG_0163_1024denim dressthumb_DSC_0797_1024IMG_0158_1024thumb_DSC_0881_1024thumb_DSC_0756_1024thumb_DSC_0789_1024

Dress – Zara

Hat – American Apparel

Bag – Asos

Shoes – Rumbo