25 funny French phrases that you should know

November 30, 2016

If you feel like to laugh or at least smile, you have come to the right place ! A while ago my best Friend offered me a book named “Plouc toujours” (translation: hick forever) and said: “This is sooooo you!! ahah!”. This book is a compilation of the funniest French phrases that are totally hick. When I started to read this book in the subway, I almost died laughing¬†in front of everybody… she was so true ūüôā¬†I have always been fascinated by the strange expressions and I especially love to use the forgotten and hick phrases because they can be really hilarious. I have picked some of them directly from my grand-parent’s vocabulary (they were farmers in Normandy) or from my Dad who¬†also has this same passion for the funny phrases. Today I have selected and translated for you 25 funny French idioms¬†that are essential to have in your hick vocal list to impress your French friends, family in law, boss¬†or the girl at the French Bakery in your neighboorhoud! What a great cure¬†to cheer up with the arrival of winter right?;)

Here are my 25 favorites French phrases or How to sound like a French hick (me) !

  1. On est pas sorti de l’auberge * Translation: we are not¬†out of the inn * It means : it will take a while before we¬†solve¬†the¬†problem.
  2. C’est √† se taper le cul par terre * Translation: you would break your ass on the floor * It means : it is delicious
  3. “Saperlipopette” or ¬†“Bon sang de bonsoir” * ¬†Translation: good blood of good evening* It means: Damned!
  4. T’as craqu√© ton slip ou quoi? * Translation: did you break your underpants ? * It means: are you crazy?
  5. J’y go d’agneau * Translation: I am going lamb * It means: I am leaving
  6. Cours Forest, cours * Translation: Run forest, run * It means: hurry up
  7. C’est pas la mer √† boire¬†* Translation: It’s not the sea to drink * It means: it’s not complicated
  8. La classe à Dallas * Translation:  the class at Dallas * It means: very elegant
  9. J’ai la patate¬†or¬†J’ai la p√™che¬†*¬†Translation: I have the potato or I have the peach * It means: I am energized
  10. T’as une haleine √† d√©coller le papier peint * Translation: you have a breath that could peel off the wallpaper * It means: your breath is horrible
  11. Ya baleine sous gravillon * Translation: there is a whale under the gravel * It means: there is something hidden
  12. Ca craint du boudin * Translation: it sucks of the sausage * It means: this situation is embarrassing
  13. Ca a marché comme sur des roulettes * Translation: it worked like on castors * It means: It went good
  14. Les doigts dans le nez * Translation: the fingers in the nose * It means: no problem
  15. En voiture Simone * Translation : in the car Simone * It means: Let’s go
  16. Va te faire cuire un oeuf * Translation: go and cook yourself an egg * It means: leave me alone
  17. Autant pisser dans un violon * Translation: it’s like pissing in a violin * It means: it’s useless
  18. Dacodac * There is no translation * It means: Okidoki
  19. Je suis chaud comme une baraque √† frite * Translation: I am hot like a chip shop * It means: I’m on fire or I’m motivated
  20. J’ai les dents du fond qui baignent * Translation: my back teeth are bathing * It means: I’m full
  21. Il fait un vent a décorner les boeufs * Translation: there is a wind able to dehorn cows * It means: it is blowing great guns
  22. Faut pas pousser meme dans les orties * Translation: don’t push grandma in the nettles * It means: don’t¬†go too far
  23. On a du pain sur la planche * Translation: we have bread on the board * It means: we have a lot to do
  24. Ca fait pas rire les mouettes * Translation: It is not making laugh seagulls * It means: it is not funny
  25. Pastis par temps bleu, pastis d√©licieux * Translation: Pastis (anise-flavoured spirit and¬†ap√©ritif appreciated by hicks while playing p√©tanque or at the camping¬†in France) with blue sky, Pastis delicious * It means: I’m happy to drink Pastis

Bonus: If you want to achieve the highest level of the squareness, your sentence can be followed by a name that rhyme with the sentence. Here are some great suggestions:

  • Tu l’as dit Bouffi * Translation: You just said it Bouffi * It means : I totally agree with you
  • A la tienne Etienne! * Translation: To yours Etienne * It means: Cheers
  • Cool Raoul! * Translation: same * It means: Relax
  • A l’aise Blaise * Translation: comfortable Blaise * It means: comfortable

I hope you enjoyed reading these French expressions and at least smiled once. Which one is your favorite? If you know any other French phrases that are very funny, I would love to read them in the comments! Bisous, Melissa ♡

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