African style

April 22, 2016

I have always admired the African women’s dresses with their incredible wax prints. African wax prints are very colorful cloths with batik printing emblematic of the fashion in West Africa. In Senegal, I wanted to make me sew a dress but I thought I would not have so many occasions to wear it except for carnivals (finally it could have been a good idea since I always wear the same white-snow costume to all the costumed parties!). I am imagining the face of my boss if I came back to the office wearing an African style 🙂 ahah. So I just brought back this little skirt with African wax prints that I got readjusted. I think the African fashion can totally rock and be very elegant when you mix African prints with modern pieces! That day I was wearing my wax skirt with a white crop-top, some lace shoes that have the same color as the dry grass in the bush and I accessorized it with a colored headband and some wax bracelets. You can get a very cool outfit to go to the office if you wear a wax skirt or pant with a plain shirt or a denim shirt and some pumps. So ready to embrace the African fashion? Bisous, Melissa ♡

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