• plaid shirt

    Canadian vibes

    Today I am taking you to a hill around my home where we love to have a walk and it has a wonderful panoramic view overlooking at the city where we love to drink a…

    novembre 16, 2016
  • boho jumpsuit

    Indian summer

    In the region where I live, people say there is no autumn and that we suddenly switch from wearing a swimsuit to a coat. Actually the weather is still nice although the seawater is becoming fresh. I…

    octobre 26, 2016
  • Fashion


    Spain is one of the most popular place for the summer holidays so it is not a piece of cake to find a peaceful beach. These kind of places are kept secret by those that love to…

    septembre 19, 2016
  • Fashion


    Have you ever tried to wear culottes? You know these cropped pants that hang like a skirt, but are actually pants! I thought they were totally has-been and until the day I decided to…

    septembre 8, 2016
  • melon fruit cocktail recipe

    Melon cocktail

    Let’s be bad today and speak about alcohol! Because summer is sun, summer is beach and summer is also party! Ok I don’t want to encourage my readers to become alcoholics, I care about…

    août 31, 2016
  • Fashion

    Denim dress

    I have finally found the coolest casual item for the summer that can be worn anytime and anywhere (except to climb the Everest or to go to bed maybe)! I am speaking about the denim dress…

    août 26, 2016
  • Fashion


    Summer is getting so hot here (around 37°) that I cannot walk outside before 8pm except if it’s to go to the beach ! Sometimes I really feel I’m like a vampire, waiting for…

    août 17, 2016
  • Exotic salad

    Exotic salad

    If you think that salads are boring you should definitely try this one! This exotic salad recipe is mixing sweet and salty flavors, with fresh prawns, tropical fruits such as mango, avocado and don’t…

    août 12, 2016