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August 17, 2016

Summer is getting so hot here (around 37°) that I cannot walk outside before 8pm except if it’s to go to the beach ! Sometimes I really feel I’m like a vampire, waiting for the sunset to leave home and take a walk in the city to drink some fresh blood cups of gin tonic or enjoy the last rays of light into the wild around the town. The landscapes nearby are really amazing, at just 10min by car you can find some hills that smell good the pine trees and rosemary while the valley looks like an oasis with little rivers, palm trees, lemon and olive trees. Walking there is so relaxing and changes a bit from the beach! That day I’m wearing a kimono jacket with a crochet top and denim short which is perfect for summer when you just want something on your shoulders. What is your favorite place to chill out in kimono jacket? Bisous, Melissa ♡


Kimono jacket – Pull & Bear

Top – Zara

Short – Pull & Bear

Shoes – Rumbo




August 5, 2016
striped outfit

As I use to spend the week-end at the beach during half of the year, I am always looking for new cool items for summer and a striped outfit is perfect to chill out on the seaside. Ok so the classic striped shirt: Check I already have (see my outfit here). What else? Striped pant? No thanks I don’t want to look like Beetlejuice twerking on the dance floor, this is for Miley Cirus 😉 So today I have on a striped maxi-skirt with a white off-shoulder top, crazy orange heel shoes …and last but not least a striped purse that totally matches with the skirt (so perfect, it is creating an optic effect hidding my purse to the stealers ahah)! Finally stripes really rock with everything effortless and are never out of style. So I leave you with these wonderful pastel colors that occur for a very short moment at the end of the day. I feel so lucky to enjoy such a beautiful landscape every week. Bisous, Melissa ♡

thumb_DSC_0179_1024thumb_DSC_0197_1024 thumb_DSC_0246_1024thumb_DSC_0403_1024thumb_DSC_0336_1024thumb_DSC_0378_1024thumb_DSC_0249_1024thumb_DSC_0497_1024thumb_DSC_0364_1024thumb_DSC_0466_1024


Skirt – Zara

Purse – Petit Bateau

Top – A beach shop

Shoes – Minelli

Anklet – Dixi shop


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July 11, 2016

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Narwhal sunglasses


All white

July 2, 2016
all white outfit

All white styles are not only for weddings! I’m really a fan of colored looks for the summer but I love this all white outfit to spend the day at the beach. It is a perfect and strategic style to highlight a tanned skin and even an aspirin skin color like mine 🙂 The only problem about wearing an all white outfit is that it’s getting dirty really fast when you don’t know how to eat or drink properly. If you are a Bridget Jones like me and want to avoid a massacre with this summer outfit, I’ve got an advice for you: you should definitely avoid eating a plate of spaghetti bolognese that day ! (I already made that mistake ahah). But the great news is that you can totally go for a cup of champagne or white wine!  Cheers! Bisous, Melissa ♡

thumb_DSC_0892_1024thumb_DSC_0169_1024thumb_DSC_0755_1024thumb_DSC_0971_1024thumb_DSC_0682_1024thumb_DSC_0450_1024thumb_DSC_1000_1024thumb_DSC_0888_1024thumb_DSC_0298_1024all white outfit

All white outfit – A boho shop on the beach

Basket – Alehop

Jewels – Bijou Brigitte


Off the shoulder

June 17, 2016

Thanks to the off the shoulder top, we have a good reason to leave our bra in the closet and free our shoulders for this summer! More seriously, this trend doesn’t date from yesterday and is definitely back this year! Also called bardot top, it became an iconic piece in the 60s because it was one of the emblematic piece wore by the actress Brigitte Bardot who was a real icon and sex-symbol. So the off the shoulder top is sexy, boho, comfy and light to wear when the heat rises. Definitely a cool and irresistible tendency. However be very careful, this piece can become totally dangerous if it is a crop top especially on windy days and when you have no bra! On these pictures taken during one of the rare windy and cloudy days we have on the Spanish riviera, I was really happy that this off the shoulder top had a second layer that was elastic to avoid a huge shameful moment! This is the only risky experience I had with my off the shoulder top, otherwise it’s pretty cool and easy to wear with everything such as a denim pant or maxi skirt. So do you want to let your shoulders breath the fresh air? Bisous, Melissa ♡


Off the shoulder top & pant- Zara

Bag – Miu Miu

Sunglasses –  Feler

Shoes – Cosmoparis




One-piece swimsuit

May 31, 2016

The one-piece swimsuit is back this summer! Personally the time I used to wear a monokini dates from my childhood and until recently; I used to think that this kind of swimming-suit was for children, to practice sport or for grandmas! But actually you can find so many one-piece swimsuits that have a very cool and sexy design that it has become an irresistible item to go to the beach. So I felt like to change from the usual mini bikini and embrace a new model that can also be sensual and totally crushed on this swimsuit from Oysho! I have to confess that one of the reason why I like it is that it is slightly padded so there is no way all the beach can see my tits after a bath! After re-experimenting the strange feeling to put on my childhood swimming-suit, I think it is stylish but not always practical to wear it! In fact, it can be worn by everybody but should be not being worn in all circumstances. To have style and avoid uncomfortable situations, here are the best and the worst about the one-piece swimsuit!

The Best:

  • Perfect to hide a scar or love handle so we can go for an additional mojito on the beach
  • To swim like a real mermaid through the waves without loosing your swimming suit and shocking the children
  • You are saving money since you need to put less solar cream

The Worst:

  • When you wear it under your clothes and need to go to the toilet…
  • To suntan unless you wan to win the trophy for having the dumbest suntan in your camping!
  • If you do not want to look like Paris Hilton, avoid the trikini or bring your chihuahua to the beach with you!

thumb_DSC_0767_1024thumb_DSC_0364_1024 2One-piece swimsuitthumb_DSC_0061_1024thumb_DSC_0866_1024thumb_DSC_0196_1024thumb_DSC_0311_1024thumb_DSC_0884_1024thumb_DSC_0076_1024thumb_DSC_0176_1024 2thumb_DSC_0367_1024

One-piece swimsuit – Oysho

Floppy hat – American apparel

Sunglasses – Feler


So; Yeah or Neah to the one piece swimsuit? Bisous, Melissa ♡



Boho dress

May 11, 2016

Have you also wished to be a sexy witch (not a sexy bitch) with cool magic powers? If you were a fan too of the movie “the craft” you may like maxi boho dresses as much as me 🙂 Although maxi dresses are cool because they have so much style and you don’t need to be perfectly shaved (ahaha come on admit it), I think they are not that easy to wear. It’s unfair but they look better on tall girls and the length always needs to be readjusted if do not want to sweep the floor with your dress! Anyway if you are not the tallest girl of the world there are shorter boho dresses that are very nice too. So I used to joke about this boho chic outfit calling it my “witch style” because I have on a maxi boho dress from Asos that is all black with white little stars and I wear it with back boots, a black floppy hat and a multirow necklace. Regarding the beauty look, I wanted to add a touch of color so I rather highlighted the lips with an orange lipstick. Oh but where is my broom you may wonder? I replaced it for a lovely white cat. More cute right? Bisous, Melissa ♡
thumb_DSC_1438_1024thumb_DSC_1417_1024 2thumb_DSC_1353_1024thumb_DSC_1387_1024thumb_DSC_1486_1024thumb_DSC_1367_1024thumb_DSC_1414_1024thumb_DSC_0220_1024thumb_DSC_1355_1024thumb_DSC_0201_1024

Boho dress & necklace – Asos

Floppy hat – American apparel

Bracelet & ring – Aristocrazy

Lipstick – Guerlain (merci Anne-Laure)


African style

April 22, 2016

I have always admired the African women’s dresses with their incredible wax prints. African wax prints are very colorful cloths with batik printing emblematic of the fashion in West Africa. In Senegal, I wanted to make me sew a dress but I thought I would not have so many occasions to wear it except for carnivals (finally it could have been a good idea since I always wear the same white-snow costume to all the costumed parties!). I am imagining the face of my boss if I came back to the office wearing an African style 🙂 ahah. So I just brought back this little skirt with African wax prints that I got readjusted. I think the African fashion can totally rock and be very elegant when you mix African prints with modern pieces! That day I was wearing my wax skirt with a white crop-top, some lace shoes that have the same color as the dry grass in the bush and I accessorized it with a colored headband and some wax bracelets. You can get a very cool outfit to go to the office if you wear a wax skirt or pant with a plain shirt or a denim shirt and some pumps. So ready to embrace the African fashion? Bisous, Melissa ♡

thumb_DSC_0829_1024 thumb_DSC_0204_1024thumb_DSC_0820_1024 3thumb_DSC_0713_1024thumb_DSC_0749_1024thumb_DSC_0866_1024thumb_DSC_0877_1024thumb_DSC_0830_1024


Lace top

April 7, 2016
Lace top

The lace top is the new tee-shirt of this season, people say. I think it is a cool item to get a casual but sexy outfit. However on these pictures taken when walking in Saint-Louis, I guess the holiday mood inspired me a rebel outfit that day. I felt like to wear everything that is frowned upon at the office to have a total freedom feeling. Perhaps I was too free because I even decided to free my nipples ahahah! Ok I mean I had no bra when wearing this black lace top from Zara and I loved it 🙂 As a black lace top cannot be a fashion faux-pas and matches with everything, I have on a faded&destroyed boyfriend jean and golden Birkenstock that are soooo comfy and perfect to walk all day long. And you, would you wear your lace top with or without bra? Let me know what you think about this street style in the comments! Bisous, Melissa ♡

lace top birkenstocklace top outfitsaint-louis senegalbirkenstocklace top looksaint-louis senegalbirkenstocklace top

Top & jeans – Zara

Birkenstock – Francescomilano

Sunglasses – Feler


Parka street style

March 11, 2016

The parka is a basic must-have so comfy and it brings a bit of color to winter time. If you are tired to wear a black coat, it is a good alternative to style your outfit effortless. It is also a good windproof and a good coat to be protected from the cold. How to choose it ? Personally I prefer the ageless version in kaki because it goes with everything, and I like when it has a good length, a cute faux-fur hood and a lot of pockets everywhere! Having many pockets is cool because you can forget stuffs there and find them some weeks later and it is like a christmas feeling haha:) On these very grey pictures taken in Paris, I am wearing a kaki parka from Asos and I love it! It can be worn in a feminine way thanks to a thin string that tighten the waist. But the very cool thing is its detachable part that you can unbutton to transform it into an army jacket, ideal for a mid-season wear. As it was a F*** freezing day, I wore it on a black slim with some faux-fur boots and a chunky headband. What do you the think about this winter outfit? Bisous, Melissa ♡

paris roofsIMG_2268_1024IMG_2254_1024canal saint martin parisIMG_2267_1024IMG_2260_1024

Parka – Asos

Slim – Urban Outfitters

Boots – Minelli

Headband – no idea:)